Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sad Emotion.

Sad emotion.
Seeing good sights makes us happy and cheerful . Today I try to learn how to attach photos into my face book but I fail that because internet line broke down while the process is on. I do not know how many times in a week the internet line has interrupted in my place.. The internet line here is very poor. My place is more than 7 kilometers from the town. I used streamyx line. I do not see any actions taking by the provider to overcome my problem, it make me suffer. My internet provider is tmnet. I hope the provider do something to make the line clear, not interrupted all the time, more worse during the holidays. On the other hand that may be my modem is not good enough. Please sir, make me satisfied. Read More ..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking care of health.

Everybody should take care his own health. Because if we are not getting well, no matter, we cannot enjoy our lives. One of the ways to maintain healthy is we must do exercise at least three times per week, and the other hand we must take balance diet every time we want to take our food.

There are many kinds of exercise we can join. If we like to do weight lifting there are many gyms outside there. Before we begins, it is very important to chose which one is suitable for you.

I do my exercise everyday alternately, one day for cardio then the other weight lifting. I do my cardio twenty minutes by cycling in my home gym room, and do my weight lifting around forty and fifty minutes in the same place.

As my weight is sixty five kilos, I should take at least sixty grams of protein, around twenty five grams of fat and hundred grams of cab altogether about two thousands calories per day. I start my exercise since the year of two thousands two until now. I find the advantages of exercise to my body and health, I have no longer suffer of goat that I had it more than five years.

When I do my weight lifting exercise normally I put on my video guiding how to do, and I follow it step by step, one after another, doing upper body then lower body/legs, until I finish all items of exercise for the day. I must follow them properly, if not it may give side effect to my body and health.

According to an exercise book that I have read, senior people like my age, must not put more weight during activities, because their bones are not strong enough to bear the burden, the density of the bone is thin. It may easily to break.

To get all what I should have in my food everyday, I take food supplements such as whey protein, vitamin C and B complex, calcium, magnesium and so on. There are two kinds of nutrition we should have every day, that is macro and micro nutrition. Macro nutrition is more important than others, because it give us feeling full and energy, micro ones that we need only very small amount each.

Sunday I am free, once a week. I try to follow what I have planed and schedule it. It good for me and for my health, and so that give me happy to my life. Frankly speaking when we grow older, if we don’t take any exercise, little by little in a short time, our bodies become weaker and weaker, as a result we look older than our ages.

31st January 2010.
Today I’m waiting for the news of my grandson Azlan who was warded in Malacca General Hospital yesterday. Whether he should be having operated or not. If he has taken operated my wife and I suppose to go there to see him. Few years ago he has suffered the same illness and had gone operated in the same place. It may be the same thing comes again. Yesterday my daughter informed me that her son Azlan suffered stomach ache after taking a lot of oranges, she brought him to the clinic to see the doctor in Kuala Lumpur. The doctor in charge advised her to bring him to hospital as early as possible. She dropped to Malacca Hospital and at the same time he was warded in, according to x-ray result there was something not normal in his stomach.

13th February 2010.
Writing something about what I have done today, may help me to remember it for the future time. Today I actually surprise that, what I tried making my writing essay getting some income, failed to submit. There are many errors in what I have done, because of that my essay could not be seen in public at the same time nobody can read and comment it, it means there is no income for me.
Today I try to learn how to shout up my essay to all my friends, and ask them to comment and give star to what I did, that make my essay acceptable then may allow me to get some payment from the server.

14th February 2010.
My internet line is not smoothly running, it makes me unhappy, because I cannot do my writing essay properly. Just begin writing something on my wall in face book, and I want post it to share to my friends, it stop immediately, hanging,
Without internet line, I learn something about how to use watermark in my doing pages. I read all instructions and learn step by step using watermark. At last I success. Now my page looks different, it looks better than ever, I am happy. My watermark’s picture is selected from my photo album , it’s from nini’s album, I choose one of nini’s photo, that I think it is very pretty.
After attending engagement’s party at my neighbor house, I continue my work. What pity me indeed today is my cat, my pet animal is ill, it has a fever since yesterday, it has not eaten anything since then. Las night it had sick, may be most of what it took last night that my wife feed it, came out. It look very tired and humble, sleepy, it lied down all the day long in the chair and sometime on the floor. To give it fresh air, I took it walking outside my house, in my house compound. I let it walk few steps on the grass, It’s body temperature is high, may be that make it took no food and no drink.

In my house, every week end holiday or any days of public holidays, the internet line is very difficult to get, therefore I failed to contact my friends in my list. I feel bored. To fulfill my free times, I do writing something in this essay, it challenge my knowledge and my English spelling. Frankly speaking I’m not good at English, I learn English informal only, by reading, and speaking and charting with friends, no wonder I did much mistakes in my spelling and English grammar.

15th February, 2010.
My pet animal, Nini, is getting well today. It’s body temperature is more better than yesterday, I hope it recovers it’s health soon. I feel so sorry without it. This is the longest time it has a fever. In last few month it felt sick also, it took only two days to relief but this time, it suffers more longer. Unfortunately in my town there is no pet’s doctor to see. My wife gives it vitamin and water and few cat’s food.

My hobby is traveling and relaxing in country or outside. When there is time and money, I take fortune to go oversea. The country I prefer to visit are Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, Read More ..